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Hi!  I'm Charlie.  I am an F1 Mini GoldenDoodle.  My mom and dad say I weigh about 28 pounds, except for the days I sneak into the treat jar...  My parents searched high and low for a puppy with such a beautiful coat.  They say I look just like a teddy bear.  I enjoy being carried around like a baby doll and having my paws massaged!


I'm Annie!  My family tells me that I'm European, at least that's where my parents came from.  I love the snow, kids, and snuggling up on the lap of anyone who will hold me.  They keep telling me that I won't be able to fit on laps forever - something about my parents both weighing over 100 pounds?  I have the softest, most beautiful coat and I will gladly accept compliments about it!

Hello everyone!  I am Frosty.  Mom says I'm the most "snuggliest" dog she has ever seen.  Even though I'm big, my favorite spot is trying to fit onto someone's lap.  I enjoy sleeping on my back in confined areas.  Those who meet me say that Frosty is a perfect name for me because I look just like a giant polar  bear!  I am an F1 Standard GoldenDoodle and I weigh about 60 pounds. 

Even though I'm newer here at StoneRidge, it hasn't taken me long to capture the hearts of my family!  I like to stay close to my people.  When I say close, I mean not more than a foot away from them at all times!  When we go for walks, those who meet me say I have the most beautiful coat they have ever seen.  I am a Standard Bernese Mountain Dog and I weigh about 70 pounds.  My puppies will be F1 BerneDoodles.

I'm Vinny!!!  Dad was never a fan of poodles…until he met me!  Poodles are often thought of as serious and stoic, but that's not me.  I am the class clown of the StoneRidge Doodle Pack. I have so quickly captured the hearts of everyone in my family with my goofy and fun loving nature.   I am a Phantom Poodle and I will be the dad of our Standard BerneDoodle line - which I am thrilled about!


You've already met my sister, Misty.  We do have a lot in common, but people say I’m a little more social and feisty. I have already learned that when you’re this cute, you don’t stay in trouble for long!  I love to snuggle and give kisses to my guardian family.  I’m excited for when I get to have BerneDoodle puppies of my own! 

Hi, I am Nala.  Sometimes my dog friends wonder if I might be part thoroughbred racing horse.  I have a very athletic physique and absolutely love to tease the others... they are all so slow! I love my people, but especially my kids. I make sure that everyone is safe and well cared for. At the end of each day I like to cuddle up on the couch next to my main man. My thick dark curls turn heads everywhere we go.  Mom says I am a force to be reckoned with, whatever that means!

Hello, I am Skye. I am the most beautiful Berner at StoneRidge Doodles - at least I think so! I enjoy my family very much. I enjoy eating LOTS of treats and sun bathing. My coat is so thick and shiny that I make all the other canines jealous. My kids enjoy snuggling me... when I'm not lying on top of them, that is!

I'm Lola.  I can leap through the air like a Whitetail deer as long as a treat is near!   My parents always laugh at the crazy things I will do for a treat.  I’m always happy to steal them from my friends as well (they are so slow!).  I am a small cream standard golden doodle.  One of my favorite past times is playing lifeguard as my human kids swim in the pool. 


After searching high and low, we have welcomed in a rare Café Au Lait colored BerneDoodle. Meet Connie: our striking, cuddly, super-smart Bernedoodle who will draw you in with her beautiful apricot eyes and then give you a sloppy wet kiss with her liver-colored nose. This girl is a real head-turner! She will be the mom to our rarest colored BerneDoodles.

I don’t think I need an introduction, but I’ll tell you about myself anyway.  I’m Misty and I have the privilege of living with Tayah and her family.  People keep talking about “love at first sight” when they see me. What does that mean?!  My favorite thing is snuggling my people. Someday I will have BerneDoodle babies that look just like me!   Have you met my sister, Brooklyn?  She also lives in a guardian home nearby!


Some of our adult dogs live in guardian homes.  If you live within an hour of Minneapolis/St. Paul and are interested in being a guardian owner with StoneRidge Doodles, please contact us for more information.  

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