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Our Guardian Program

Our Guardian Home Program allows for selected families to receive one of our dogs (if a puppy, our pick of the litter) at no up- front cost. The selected family will partner with StoneRidge Doodles throughout the dog’s breeding career. Once the breeding dog is ready to retire from breeding, she is then spayed and full ownership is signed over to the Guardian Family. Guardian Families are an important part of our program. We get to know each other and work together as a team. We strive to raise puppies that are excellent family pets and therapy dogs. By having our adult dogs raised in a guardian setting, we are setting the stage for a well-rounded puppy that will fit in well with its future family.

The Guardian Home dog is part of the Guardian Home’s family forever, while the breeding rights are retained by StoneRidge Doodles for a set amount of time (outlined in our contract). Guardian families are also responsible for training the guardian dog.  You are responsible for routine veterinary care, including vaccinations, monthly heart-worm and tick prevention, yearly exams done by a veterinarian, and proper fencing of your yard.  When a Guardian dog comes into heat, the Guardian Family is required to contact us immediately. An intact female usually has a heat cycle that will last between 14 and 21 days. During part of this time, she will come stay at StoneRidge Doodles.  Once she has been bred, she will return to her Guardian Family until approximately one week before her due date. At that point, the Guardian dog will return to StoneRidge Doodles until she has her puppies and they are approximately 6-7 weeks old. ​​​


Guardian Family Requirements:​

  • Must live in a home with fully fenced yard/or wireless containment system

  • Must keep the dog on a leash or in fenced area

  • Must provide appropriate veterinary or emergency care when needed

  • Must keep the dog on our recommended food/supplements

  • Must be able to identify onset of heat cycle and notify StoneRidge Doodles

  • Must not allow female in heat near intact males

  • Must not allow female to breed with any dog

  • Must communicate, cooperate and coordinate with the breeder regarding breeding, whelping and all aspects of caring for the dog

If you've made it this far and believe your family would be a good fit for our Guardian Program, send us a message!  We'd love to meet you.  

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