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BerneDoodle Wait List


We have simplified our BerneDoodle waiting lists.  We will maintain all names on one list, with the expected litter arrival date so you have an estimate of when your puppy will be available!

BerneDoodle prices vary based on color:

Standard BerneDoodle: $3600-$4500

Mini BerneDoodle: $3600-$4500

Deposit amount to reserve your puppy: $350

The list may seem long, but many families have chosen to place a deposit early and do not intend to select a puppy for 18-24 months.  This means that it is likely you will be able to receive a puppy sooner than the expected dates listed below!

Our deposits are non-refundable.  


Planned Standard Breedings:


We do our best to estimate puppy arrival dates based on our experience and the histories of our adult dogs.  Sometimes puppies come a little earlier or later.  This page will be kept updated as things change!

*We reserve the right to select a puppy from any litter for our breeding program.

Parents: TBD Estimated Arrival Date-  TBD

  • Kimberly S.

  • Melissa T.

  • Melissa R

  • Chelsea J. - waiting

  • Jami 

  • Nick and Madelina


Planned Mini Breedings:

Parents: TBD/Prince Due TBD

  • Mali W. -  (Female Tri)

  • Emily S. - 

  • Mary K. - 

  • Freddie M. - 

  • Mary K. -

  • Joe M. - waiting

  • Autumn H. - waiting

  • Juanita C. - waiting

  • Nick H. - waiting

  • Keri T. - waiting

  • Clare S.

  • Austin T.

  • Deb & Tim O.

  • Taylor B. - waiting

  • Mandy S.

  • Mariana C.

  • Sally F.

  • Kristin L.

  • Barbett D

  • Kim - waiting

  • Melissa

  • Mary A

  • Chelsea J. - waiting

  • Peg M - waiting

  • Rachel P - waiting

  • Mark and Tami - waiting

  • Katie P- waiting

Contact us with any questions or to learn how to be placed on our waiting list.

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