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BerneDoodle Wait List


We have simplified our BerneDoodle waiting lists.  We will maintain all names on one list.

BerneDoodle prices vary based on color:

Standard BerneDoodle: $3600-$4500

Mini BerneDoodle: $3600-$4500

Deposit amount to reserve your puppy: $350

The list may seem long, but many families have chosen to place a deposit early and do not intend to select a puppy for 18-24 months.  This means that it is likely you will be able to receive a puppy sooner than the waiting list might appear.  We have indicated those families who are waiting until sometime in the future to select a puppy, and won't limit your ability to get a puppy sooner.

Our deposits are non-refundable.  

*We reserve the right to select a puppy from any litter for our breeding program.

Standard Bernedoodle Waiting List:

(Those marked "waiting" are not looking for a puppy right now)

  • Kimberly S. - waiting

  • Melissa T.

  • Chelsea J. - waiting

  • Jami 

  • Nick and Madelina


 Mini Bernedoodle Waiting list:  

(Those marked waiting are not looking for a puppy now)

  • Mali W. -  (Female Tri)

  • Emily S. - 

  • Mary K. - 

  • Freddie M. - 

  • Joe M. - waiting

  • Autumn H. - waiting

  • Juanita C. - waiting

  • Nick H. - waiting

  • Keri T. 

  • Clare S.- waiting

  • Taylor B. 

  • Mandy S.

  • Barbett D

  • Kim - waiting

  • Melissa

  • Mary A

  • Chelsea J. - waiting

  • Mark and Tami

  • Katie P

  • Rachel BF

  • Lisa P

  • Shannon W

  • Sarah T

  • Amy Jo M

Contact us with any questions or to learn how to be placed on our waiting list.

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