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Sweet new puppies at StoneRidge Doodles

 Christmas puppies.... families often reach out to ask if we will have puppies available for Christmas take homes, and the answer is YES!  If Santa is looking for the perfect present for your home -- reach out now to find out more about the puppy litters available to bring home over the next few weeks.

 These adorable Mini Goldendoodles are just waiting to play under your Christmas tree, will be the perfect size at 20-35# to put a bow on their little heads! Selections this week...and ready to go home 12/3

Pumpkin FM (1).JPG

 Pumpkin (female)

Drumstick Male (1).JPG
Tator male (1).JPG

 Tator (male)

 Drumstick (male)

Wishbone Male (1).JPG
Blessing FM (1).JPG

 Blessing (female)

Turkey Male (1).JPG

 Wishbone (male)

 Turkey (male)

Dixie's sweet F1 Medium Goldendoodles are available to go home with your family.  These puppies are sweet and playful -- and a black puppy is so much more fun for Halloween than a black cat! Est. 45-50#   


 Hudson (male)

Memphis Male (2).JPG

 Memphis (male)

Look at these faces.... Maya's F2b Mini Goldendoodles are available to go home with your family now.  They are as snuggly as they are cute.  Est. 25-35#   


 Linguini (female)


 Alfredo (male)


 Rotini (female)

Bernedoodle Puppies -Standard                 Ready to come home with you now!

  These beautiful tri-colored Standard Bernedoodles are ready to go home with you now -- 

          They are perfect for running through the leaves or snuggling on the couch...


 Eason (male)           55-65#


  Wilson (male) 

Already Started PuppiesAvailable Now

Bringing home a brand new, fragile puppy is not right for all families -- we also have already started pups available now to bring home.  Started pups are a little older, have experienced more, been exposed to more, and have bladders which are larger.  They have a little more maturity, need a little less from a family, have begun their early socialization and potty training, and are ready to join your family.  


Please reach out now to discuss our Already Started Pups, their adoption fees, and how to bring one of these sweet youngsters home to join your family.

 These Mini Bernedoodles are waiting to steal your heart.  With an estimated adult weight of 45-50#, they offer that lovable Bernedoodle personality in a smaller version.  



 Twister (male)


 Scarecrow (male)


  Wizard (male)


  Dorothy (female)


For more information on these puppies, or to be placed on our waiting list -- please reach out to

Emails will be answered as soon as possible.

Contact us with any questions or to learn how to be placed on our waiting list.