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Midge's Purple Collared Female -- in addition to being beautiful, she is a very personable and                                    engaging  puppy.  This puppy is a part of a litter of beautiful tri-colored Standard                                           Bernedoodle puppies.  There are still some  puppies  available in this litter, and selection                                day will be very soon -- reach out for more information and to  be included in the                                             selection process...

                                       Litter Details for Midge’s Puppies

                                       Generation- F1b  

                                       Date of Birth-  6/16/2021         

                                       Size- Anticipated 50-70# 

                                       Litter description-  9 females and 5 males

                                                                                                                        Adoption Fee $3600 - 4000

Brooklyn's Gray Collared female and Red Collared male   

Their sweet faces steal your heart.  Both puppies are part of a 

beautiful Standard Bernedoodle litter with the highly desired

tri-colored markings. Puppies are still available for selection in this 

litter, but will happen very soon.    For more information, or to be

                                         included in the selection process, please reach

                                                      out to us.

                                                              Litter Details for Brooklyn’s Puppies

                                                              Generation- F1b 

                                                              Date of Birth- 6/9/2021        

                                                              Size- Anticipated 50-70# 

                                                               Litter description-  2 females and 5 males


                                                                                   Adoption fee $3600 - 4000

A gorgeous litter of Mini F1 Sheepadoodle puppies are ready for their new homes. We                                         anticipate that these little boys will grow up to be 30-40# as adults.


                                                  Izzy's  Blue Male is a very sweet, calm and gentle – and just a                                                       l     little bit shy. He does well with activity and engages with                                                                     people very well –as he feels overwhelmed, he finds a quiet                                                             spot to rest, and would ideally choose your lap for that                                                                       special spot.


                                                                                 Izzy's Gray Male





These puppies will blend well into any type of family -- 

                                                               Adoption fee for each is  $3400

Lou's Green collared female  is a very sweet and confident puppy with a go getter personality.                  She is eager to please and engage with her family.  This would make  her a  highly trainable puppy who                                     would thrive in obedience work.  She would also be a wonderful  family pet.

                                      She is a F1b Standard Bernedoodle, with an expected adult weight between 60-                                                     90#, and is a larger sized puppy within this litter.  She has a beautiful plush                                                              apricot and white coat which has a  nice curl to it. 

                                                   This puppy will thrive in almost any home.

                                                                                                             Adoption fee $3000


For more information on these puppies, or to be placed on our waiting list -- please reach out to StoneRidgeDoodles@gmail.com.

Emails will be answered as soon as possible, but within 24 hours

Contact us with any questions or to learn how to be placed on our waiting list.